About us

What we do

We are a fresh, forward thinking design company who loves branding, and has a great understanding of how they communicate.

We design and build stunning and beautiful websites that are developed to the requirements of the receiving client.  To complement the website we love to create stunning visual identities that will stand the test of time and gets noticed.

Unlike most design companies, here at Somerset Media Design we can boast that all of the stunning visuals we create for print are printed in-house at our Somerset Print Shop, we can print to most media, we offer Digital, Lithographic, Letterpress and Wide Format Printing.  Please take a look at our portfolio for examples of the print that we have designed and printed.

Some of the Somerset Media Team have a great background in all forms of Marketing, they have spent time over the years working in London Design Agencies, our knowledge of Marketing is vast all be it sometimes a little too radical.  Our team have a great eye for creating marketing strategies using any size budget.

Founding Partners John Richards and Russ Adams have a very relaxed and simple way of working with their clients and their fantastic team; they are both very passionate about their company and the work Somerset Media Design produces.  The partners and the team are a collective bunch brimming with creative ideas, concepts together with great skills and knowledge, but hey don’t take our word for it, why not pop into our Somerset Studio and have a coffee, or take a look at the work we have put up on the portfolio page.

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How we work

Before we start work on any new brief we like to spend time with you as a company and an individual, we like to understand exactly what you want to achieve, and also we want to discover a bit of your personality as we would like this to come through in the branding.  The work we do becomes a lot easier when time is taken to listen to what you want and need.  Another element that helps us produce fantastic work is when you, yes you the client shares  the same passion as we do for creating and designing , when you ask Somerset Media Design to create and design for your company, (which is a must!!!) you become an integral part of the team.

Once you are part of the Somerset Media Design team you will have a friend for life as we will want to be with you for many years to come!!!!!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!